Membership Benefits

WAHA Benefits

 • Attend membership events, meetings and clinics

• WAHA newsletter subscription

• Participate in Point System with Legion of Merit Awards

• Youth can participate in all youth programs

• Voting privileges and membership in Region 10, including listing in the Region 10 directory
• Ability to vote for and serve as WAHA officers, board members, & regional delegates

• Receive a million dollars of excess personal liability insurance
• Show at rated shows without paying the AHA​ Single Event Member fee

AHA & Region 10 Benefits

• Subscription to Arabian Horse Association magazine

• Eligibility to serve on AHA committees, commissions, and boards 

• Access to Members Only sections of the  AHA website 
• Members rates for registration and transfer of purebreds and Half/Anglo Arabians 

• Breeders Sweepstakes 

• National Halter and Performance Futurities
• Horse Achievement Award programs 
• Amateur Achievement Awards program 
• Recreational Rider Program-log riding hours for horse & rider combinations

• Volunteer service awards on the club, regional, and national level 
• Distance riding breed recognition pins 
• Competitive Trail and Endurance Rider 
• Dressage rider awards


What Are the New Expiration Dates for Membership?

A membership expires the following year on the last day of the month in which a member joined.  For example, if an individual joins AHA on March 8, 2014, that membership expires March 31, 2015. 

Who Will Need to Purchase a Competition Card?

The AHA Competition Card is required for individual members (adult and youth) who compete, members who own horses that compete, and officials who officiate at recognized AHA events or members who participate in AHA award programs.

The Competition Card is also available to those who want to take advantage of the AHA Excess Personal Liability Insurance program.  This insurance benefit is available to only those individuals who hold an AHA Competition Card.  This coverage is a $1,000,000 personal excess liability policy, which covers legal liability for bodily injury and property damage resulting from horse-related accidents in the course of the member’s personal activities.  This coverage applies to personal use or ownership of a horse, whether for pleasure riding, stabling or showing.  The expiration of this excess liability insurance policy will be tied to the expiration date of the membership.

How Does the Competition Card Work?

Competition Cards will be issued to individual members ONLY.  The Competition Card may be purchased at the same time as membership or anytime within the anniversary year; however, the Competition Card will expire at the same time as a membership.  For example, if you become a member on January 5, and don’t purchase a Competition Card until February 18, the Competition Card will expire on January 31, just like the membership card.  You cannot purchase a Competitive Card without a membership. 

Do I Need a Competition Card to be a Club Delegate or Officer?

No.  You must pay your AHA dues as an individual Adult Member and pay the local club dues.  An AHA individual Adult Member whose name appears on a membership list of a member organization is granted the rights to:

1. Vote in his/her member organization

2. Be counted towards the delegation strength of that member organization

3. Have the opportunity to be a Voting Delegate at the Annual Convention

Do I Need a Competition Card to Participate in the WAHA Futurity and Points System?

No.  You are required to be a full member of WAHA to participate in the futurity program.  Full members and associate members may participate in WAHA’s point system program. Neither program requires an AHA competition card.  

How Many Delegates Will My Club be Able to Send to Convention?

The number and eligibility of Delegates and Alternates to the Annual Convention shall be based on the membership status of each Member Organization as of the 30th day of June each year, in accordance with the provisions of Article VI of the Bylaws of AHA. Those Member Organizations having 50 members or part thereof are entitled to one Delegate; 51 to 100 members, two Delegates; 101 to 150 members, three Delegates; etc.

Delegates for a club will be determined based on the number of paid AHA Adult Individual Members affiliated with that club whose dues have been received in the AHA office as of June 30 each year.  For example, a member pays dues on July 15.  That member will be counted towards the next year’s delegate count.