WAHA Youth Program


The WAHA Youth program is dedicated to creating educational opportunities and helping build lifelong friendships for our youth members. 

Judging Team

Learn about how to evaluate conformation and performance horses, and be able to give explanations for your choices.    Compete against other teams locally and nationally.  Contact Hunter Offord at smoochandglenerd@gmail.com if you are interested in joining our judging team.

Regional Youth Team Tournament

Join youth who show at recognized shows or who show at non-recognized shows (open shows, 4-H & fun days). You will earn points by placing at shows. The points accumulate during the show season and the team with the most points win!  Youth must sign up and be placed on a team by February 1st of the current year in order to participate in this program.  Contact Hunter Offord at smoochandglenerd@gmail.com if you are interested in joining a team. 


Youth scholarships are available through Region 10 and the Arabian Horse Association for members.

Achievement Awards Program

This program is available for youth members who show in open and 4-H shows AND for non-competitive activities such as attending clinics, helping at shows, participating in horseless contests & judging teams, and helping with handicapped riding programs. Please contact Nyssa Sheridan at 608.213.4595 if you have questions about this program.